The AKC was mentioned in an Associated Press article about New York state's proposal to allow outdoor dining with dogs and the new AKC Select line of pet products, now available at Big Lots, was featured in the Columbus Dispatch.

AKC clubs have been achieving stellar coverage for dog shows and other club activities. Check out recent articles spotlighting the Okaloosa Kennel Club, Greenwich Kennel Club and Longshore-Southport Kennel Club.

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We shared this article from Scottish Terrier breeder Julie Hill on the AKC Facebook page and we hope you’ll share it on yours.

What Is a Responsible Dog Breeder?

The Government Relations department just released Why Breed-Specific Legislation Doesn’t Work, a webinar that explains BSL and outlines why breed-specific laws are not a good solution to the dangerous dogs problem. It’s available on YouTube and easy to share with club members, local dog owners and your legislators.

Watch now.

AKC GR also just launched the new online AKC Legislative Action Center (LAC), which will make it easier for dog lovers to learn more about and advocate on key legislative and regulatory issues that impact dogs and dog ownership. Visit now or watch the welcome video and tutorial.

We are pleased to announce that a line of AKC licensed products, AKC Select, is available at all Big Lots stores. Big Lots is a national organization with 1,461 stores in 48 states. The line of products includes a large range of dog toys and treats along with other dog accessories such as collars, leashes, beds and grooming supplies. Learn more about the products here.


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